Optimise the use of your carpool

Bynx Car ShareNo one wants to have cars sitting doing nothing when they could be earning money and delighting customers. This can happen if you don’t optimise the use of your carpool.

Bynx Carpool enables better utilisation, management and tracking of vehicle assets, so they can be shared and your carpool optimised.

Launch new mobility services

The way vehicles are used is changing. Motorists want them “on demand” and employees don’t see ownership as the status symbol it once was. Instead, people want convenience, to choose the type of vehicle or ride they want quickly and easily, then source, book and pay for it using their smartphone.

MaaS – mobility-as-a-service

There are opportunities here for fleet owners and operators to adapt and develop new business models, which may include products or services such as MaaS (mobility-as-a-service) or TaaS (transport-as-a-service), to reflect this evolving customer want.

But you need to have something, such as an integrated driver app that makes it easy to have vehicles available and charge for them on a per-use basis.

What an ideal carpool management app should have:

  • Central carpool control and driver app.
  • Multi location vehicle movement tracking.
  • Connection to GPS/Telematics route monitoring.
  • Support for trip and journey sharing with multiple trip way points.
  • Management of locations, drivers/customers, usage tariffs and billing (customer payments subject to payment gateway supply and integration).
  • Administration of charge apportionment across cost centres for internal (closed) corporate pools.
  • Capability for bookings by the driver, or an agent on behalf of the driver.
  • Support for multi-stop bookings.
  • Recurring bookings to promote customer loyalty.
  • Multi-role dashboards: for agents, customers/drivers, pool fleet operators.
  • Advanced booking and driver scheduling functionality.
  • Self-service portals and App controlled with flexible email communication and alerts.
  • Vehicle keyless entry via either key safe integration or RFID smart phones (dependant on hardware selection and subject to telematics relationships).
  • Booking cancellations, late returns and re-scheduling for improved work-flow.
  • Vehicle journey start and end are captured ensuring any vehicle fines, fuel, damage and so on (not disclosed by the driver) can be charged for accordingly.

Bynx CarPool does all this. If you’d like to find out more, phone: +44 1789 671600, or email: sales@bynx.com. W: bynx.com

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