Joined-up fleet digitalisation prevents pandemic panic

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If you’re a fleet manager, the pandemic might have exacerbated frustrations caused when internal and external digital platforms don’t talk to each other.

But multiple cross-platform strategies are a smart solution that save you time, money and hassle by integrating services like vehicle purchasing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle hire and more in one intuitive fleet management interface.

When multiple platforms aren’t communicating effectively, it can make your company unresponsive to customers or result in them being overwhelmed by irrelevant information.

And no-one needs that. Especially not during a pandemic.

Bynx fleet and mobility management platform gets those digital tools talking like best pals reunited at a post-lockdown get-together.

Because Bynx automates onerous tasks for vehicle fleet, leasing and rental companies, it frees your time to focus on what matters most  ̶  getting business moving again.

Fluent, frictionless fleet management digitalisation?

Now you’re talking.

Cross-platform fleet strategy expertise

Bynx Sales and Marketing Director Gary Jefferies has witnessed many changes in vehicle fleet management over the years.

And with the post-pandemic market for intelligent fleet management expected to triple by 2030, mobility operators that don’t adapt rapidly might be left trailing in the dust by more agile and tech-savvy competitors.

Jefferies explains:

“There’s already an awareness that efficiencies can be made by adopting complementary business processing through external  systems. But when these technologies are provided by multiple third-parties, the in house system must also be able to carry out the process when the external partner doesn’t have access or a subscription.”

Sometimes companies are engaged with multiple providers for vehicle disposal, hire, accident management and other services. And with remote working placing greater demand on these platforms, the associated administrative time is multiplied.

Dealing with several platforms and applications (and their associated updates) daily can feel like herding cats. Enter cross-platform digitalisation  ̶  an elegant solution that’s streamlined and robust.

Eliminating digital silos for fleet managers

When you’ve adopted discrete fleet management services from different partners, it’s easy to end up with software stacked side by side, with none of it working together effectively.

Here are a few ways Bynx eliminates these digital silos to make your job easier:

  • Allows vehicle suppliers, maintenance providers and body shop repairers to engage online with Bynx when they don’t subscribe to these services or they’re not available in the market.
  • Makes you more effective because the Bynx Customer and Driver Portals integrate all the progress data from these separate platforms, including contractual and financial information.
  • Multiple cross-platform strategies mean you’ve got easy access to the most important information whenever you need it  ̶  with smooth transition from a bird’s eye view of an entire operational process to the granular detail of particular pressure points in a pipeline.

Future of fleet management digitalisation

More challenges lie ahead in fleet and mobility management as we move from pandemic to new normal.

But insiders like Jefferies are confident that multiple cross-platform digitalisation will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the Leasing, Fleet Management and vehicle rental sectors throughout 2021/22 and beyond.

Bynx fleet and mobility management software can help you if your business involves:

  • Fleet management-as-a-service.
  • Car Sharing, Mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), Transportation-as-a-service (TaaS).
  • Short-term vehicle hire and daily rental or vehicle subscription.
  • Fleet Operations.
  • Passenger transport.
  • Vehicle leasing and finance.

Making digital platforms as harmonious as a Beach Boys ballad should be music to your ears.

Sounds good?

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