Working remotely through lockdown – Bynx fleet and mobility

Bynx working remotely through lockdown to support customers in the fleet, vehicle leasing and mobility sectors
Working remotely through lockdown to keep ourselves and our customers in business

Working remotely has been new for many companies over the Coronavirus lockdown period, especially in the vehicle leasing, fleet management and mobility sectors. And it’s entailed ensuring you have the right systems and security in place to support remote workers and customers.

Happily, Bynx was already familiar with the remote working concept, having been offering it as an option to our own employees (many of whom have young families at home) for some time. We had tried and tested our own technology, and the third-party apps we connect with (such as Microsoft TEAMS) and were pleased to be up and running remotely within hours of the lockdown announcement back in March 2020. Within a short time, we were able to deal with enquiries from prospects and carry out detailed presentations, at no cost or inconvenience to them. We now have a number of remote facilities available to Bynx sales, irrespective of where you are in the world and we look forward to being with you for the journey to the ‘new normal’.

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